BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
0.1Close 0.1 branch.Jonathan Schleifer8 years
0.2Close 0.2 branch.Jonathan Schleifer8 years
0.3Close 0.3 branch.Jonathan Schleifer8 years
0.4Close 0.4 branch.Jonathan Schleifer8 years
0.5Close 0.5 branch, as it is no longer maintained.Jonathan Schleifer7 years
0.6Fix of_atomic_{add,sub}_ptr on AMD64.Jonathan Schleifer7 years
0.7objfw-config: Never output more than one line.Jonathan Schleifer6 years
0.8OFInflate64Stream: Fix window sizeJonathan Schleifer3 years
0.90OFLocalization: Fix setting the territoryJonathan Schleifer12 months
masterOFSystemInfo: AltiVec detection for AmigaOS 4Jonathan Schleifer3 hours
0.90.2-releasecommit 728a593e0f...Jonathan Schleifer18 months
0.90.1-releasecommit 7691d42577...Jonathan Schleifer20 months
0.90-releasecommit dc519bcb9e...Jonathan Schleifer21 months
0.8.1-releasecommit 59a50e3245...Jonathan Schleifer4 years
0.8-releasecommit 0b66519525...Jonathan Schleifer4 years
0.7.1-releasecommit 14194a01c9...Jonathan Schleifer6 years
0.7-releasecommit 5d69482825...Jonathan Schleifer6 years
0.6-releasecommit 93703a754d...Jonathan Schleifer7 years
0.5.4-releasecommit 3dc6b51dfc...Jonathan Schleifer8 years
0.5.3-releasecommit c880f2c9a7...Jonathan Schleifer8 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
3 hoursOFSystemInfo: AltiVec detection for AmigaOS 4HEADmasterJonathan Schleifer
4 hours.travis.yml: Disable Amiga till amiga-gcc is fixedJonathan Schleifer
9 hoursruntime: Fix missing _t suffix in typesJonathan Schleifer
16 hoursFix compilation on AmigaOS 4 with 53.30 SDKJonathan Schleifer
29 hoursobjfw-config: Rename package_{description->format}Jonathan Schleifer
5 daysOFURLHandler_file: Fix #ifdef inconsistencyJonathan Schleifer
6 daysUse GetFileAttributesExW() instead of _wstat64()Jonathan Schleifer
7 daysOFFileManager: Only open dos.library if HAVE_FILESJonathan Schleifer
7 daysUse more constJonathan Schleifer
8 daysruntime: Match Apple's +[initialize] behaviorJonathan Schleifer